It's all in the name! Real Estate Database... We design, host, and administer custom databases for sharing, marketing, or researching a vast array of real estate information for Real Estate Appraisers and Realtors.
From a single office to several hundred offices looking to access a centralized database, we can work with you to develop a technologically advanced, yet easy to use data system. 

No job is too big, yet no job is too small!

Built like Fort Knox! Security levels for multiple type users within a single database system. Your system will have the ability to have select users access only a certain part of the system, and others users access the entire system. Or if you need to have a public viewing area for marketing Real Estate Properties, we can customize the software so you can simply check a box to have the data transport for public viewing. This is particularly useful for Realtor multiple type listing services.

Search from anywhere on any computer that can connect to the Internet. Your search will yield virtually instantaneous results, then sort those results by price, location, date or number. Auto drop-down menus for easy selections, keyword search, wildcard options, and one-click check boxes for Sale Comps, Active listings, Leases, etc. Easily find property with single or multiple criteria requirements. Find "New" Data from a previous search date...just to name a few.

Once logged in, the system shows you just your own data in a list so you can easily sight and choose property for instantaneous modifications right from your desk. Hold properties in your personal file until you are ready to release them for others to see. Add up to 20 photo's, maps, site surveys, floor plans, plus .PDF, Excel, or Word files for each listing.

Export the data, or images from the original data sheet to create your own customized data sheet. Print out one of several different styles and layouts of brochures from the system with your name and logo at the top of the page. No more duplication of entering data. Enter once into the system, then print out your brochures. 

For Realtors, you can incorporate the search system directly into your own web page. Your customers will be able to search for all listed properties directly from your web page for a professional feel. If you don't have a web page, don't worry...We can help you with that as well for costs well under what a "Web Designer" by profession would charge.

Direct links from the data page to location maps, county tax records and aerial photos using the property address or PIN number.

Your software will reside on extremely high end servers which have a line from two electrical power providers for no down time due to power outages. Our servers are never in service for more than 2 years without an overhaul or replacement. We pride ourselves on providing you with the fastest most reliable service in the industry!

We will develop custom software specifically to fit your needs. We have well over 10 years of experience in development that we would like to pass along to you. No idea you may have is too far out. Our programmers are very highly trained and can implement most any idea that you may have. Maintenance, and enhancements are easily implemented even after you are up and running. Users can enjoy instantaneous software updates just by simply logging on to the site. 

Your new software and data is backed up a minimum of seven times residing on 5 separate drives and 2 separate portable media types. We backup your software "on the fly" which means that every time a record is changed or a new photo is added, the system mirror's itself onto 3 other drives. This may be a little excessive but it will ensure that your data will always be around.

We will work closely with your Board and or Technical committee, and attend such meetings to ensure the system is running at it's optimal performance, or to talk about new enhancement ideas. You will have a direct line to contact REDI at all times. We also offer Administrative personnel to help run your day to day operations. Our personnel is very easy to work with, highly organized, prides themselves on good communications, and are very in tuned with the Real Estate trade.

With over 9 years of data researching experience, let us do the grunt work! Researching data is a very timely part of Real Estate. We can provide a researching staff that you can count on for reliable data, on-site inspections, photo's, maps, and more. We will add the data directly in to your new system so you can simply run a query for data rather than physically run out for the data.

Already have an existing data system? We can take your existing data and merge it directly in to the REDI software, images and all! We can take your existing software and use it as a starting point for development, plus add your new ideas, or needs to provide you with a complete system.

We will provide training at a central location for all users. We have actually found that training seminars held every 1-3 years helps users stay current with new technologies, and system enhancements.

We guarantee that if given a chance, we can not only provide you with the best service, and product, but we can be highly competitive with our pricing.

Once a contract is executed and we meet with your technical committee, we can generally have a real useable system running in about 30-60 days. With our experience and your ideas, we will produce the most advanced, yet extremely efficient and easy to use system. We can take any idea you may have and incorporate it in to a useable format that fits your exact needs! Our resources, personnel, and technical abilities will be available for you well after the system is in place. We will constantly work with your technical committee to stay up with the newest technological advancements, and "tweak" the software as necessary.

We have been hosting databases since 1995 for Real Estate Professionals. We design each system based on your needs and with your involvement. We stay involved with the system, and it's users collecting feedback, and answering questions. We will dedicate ourselves to you in making the system work easy and smooth so you can focus you attention on others areas of your job. We are very eager and ready to serve you, and we will do what it takes to get your business. You will find that we are very flexible and easy to work with.
Thank you for your consideration. We look forward to hearing from you!



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